My heart still feels heavy. The answer is “time will tell” but that saying makes me feel sick. All I can do is hope and pray that my other half, my lover understands my hurt and comes home to work on things. 

I am old enough to understand and accept things like what has already happened. If we care about eachother we can make it work. 

I just don’t get how one says he loves me so much and has the respect for me but wants to give up. 

I cannot believe I ruined everything good I had. I wish I could take everything back. I just hope that I can allow him enough space and time to really find himself and come home to someone who will forever love him unconditionally. 

I love you today

I love you tomorrow

I’ll love you forever 

I’ll be here 

I love you and I 

I love you to the core of my soul 

I need you

I need to here you laugh

I need to see you smile 

I need to smell you

I need you to know I can make it up to you 

I love you today, tomorrow and forever.


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