Unanswered Questions 

I’m just struggling with things falling into place.. One second of everything is perfect, the next.. horrible. I guess that’s life right!? I can always ask “why me?” “Why did I have to go through this?” “Why am I the one getting screwed over at work?” “Why am I the one with the broken heart?” “Why am I always breaking hearts?” These questions really mean noting because all that matters is how I handle it all and let me tell ya I have t been the best at keeping calm or handling something the right way. I’m usually the scared one who never says anything, usually the one to let things side, have it all boil up so that when I blow over everyone looks at me crazy like everything is actually all my fault. How am I supposed to handle being 22? Life seems so complicated at the moment and I’m just waiting for it to get easier. I want to travel/explore, make new friends also while keep those I love close to me. How will I feel in five years? Will any of this matter? What about ten? Will I have a family? Will my heart heal? These are all unanswered questions I probably should stop worrying about, us cancers seem to do that.. Power trip.


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