Younger Years W/ Addicts

You know I was so worried about my love life and also being affected by someone who was a drinker. I didn’t realize addiction was alive and well in my own household. I’ve got a brother who’s been addicted to pills. Every morning I hear my dad screaming at him to get out of bed. Well the sad part is there is nothing we can do for him. Everytime we help him with something maybe even as small as cooking him macaroni and cheese he just gets one more thing handed right to him. I’ve learned addicts lie to get what they want and will manipulate you in to believing something that could be the complete opposite. I’m 22 years old I have a mom who is addicted to gambling and a brother who cannot function without narcotics and this is not how I wanted to live my prime years… Going to support groups, al-anon work the steps to understand how I can better my self and understand the addict, this all started because I fell in love with a older man who would lie right to my face, make me feel little and worry me sick. I need to walk away. I need to walk away from my brother. I need to understand I am powerless over any drug or alcohol. It’s up to the addict to want to change, I’m afraid it’s too late for my parents they have given up so much time and money to help my brother out when he needs to figure it out on his own. Just like the addict wants the help the friend or family member needs to seek for help as well. In other words us the friend, lover, or family member might have it worse than the addict. The addict has it easy because they are not worried about anything else other than getting what they want and that being a bottle or some sort of pill or needle.  


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