I Dated a Alcoholic

I often get asked why I don’t drink or party or get into drugs. Well I’ve been affected by someone who’s abused those things and I feel as if I’d bring back all the memories of those bad days if I party. Just because I am a young woman doesn’t mean I should have to go out evey weekend and have drinks or head out to raves. No, I was affected by someone who abused those things and to this day I have flashbacks of when I knew they were up to no good or I found em’. It’s such a touchy subject with me it brings back a whole lot of pain. I’m not ready to try and forget that way I need to heal properly and talk more, speak more, listen more  to people who are going through the same things I am. The saddest thing was watching someone you loved drink until they couldn’t even say their own name or look in your eyes and smile or all of a sudden abandon you for hours and or weeks. I never want to relive all of that, I dated a alcoholic. His second mind latched on to me.


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