Open when…

When you feel sad… 

Just know there is always someone or something that can help cheer you up if you just look for it. Know that I will always be there to pick you up in person or just in spirit. Remember all of the wonderful laughs that have come along and all the great times.

When you feel loved…

You should know I’m happy for you. You’ve got something so special in you anyone would love to get the cance to love you. It’s such a magical feeling you deserve all the joy in your hands.

When you feel mad…

Breathe, it’s just not the time. Relax and don’t stress too much let life do its job and know better days or situations are coming your way.

When you feel happy…

Look up at the sky and take it all in, we’ve only got one life you have to make the best of it. Laugh, sing, give hugs, tell someone you love how grateful you are for them. Don’t forget the little things.  


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