Hawaii 2016

I guess it’s time to blog about my latest life experience.. Here I am in Maui, Hawaii 2000 miles away from home, probably a bit more. I’m on my last full day before I head home tomorrow AM. I guess I was just hoping for a better experience over here on this beautiful island, last I was here I was with my parents and I was 10 years old turning 11. I was in need of a get away my home life was getting way too intense for my liking and my heart still hurts. I decided to tag along with one of my old clients and her husband on this trip because they rented a condo for a full month. I’m just here out of my element I’m so used to the life I live at home I’m struggling with enjoying my vacation. I haven’t been on the right eating plan which bothers me because I eat 5-6 times a day. I feel like I’ve been given a passive attitude during my stay and I cannot help but to feel uncomfortable. I never thought I’d be over here on this beautiful side of the ocean complaining about how awkward this is for me, I would have much rather been here with someone my age. Everything I’ve wanted to do over here has gotten turned down in the end so I’ve only been to the ocean twice, if it were my choice I would have been there all day everyday. Being at home in California with our coast lines is nothing like over here. I guess getting away or going to a completely different location doesn’t change anything if your mind isn’t ready. All I can think about is still how heart broken I am. Maybe if I was busy every second of my vacation I wouldn’t be blogging about it. I can only say I did one amazing thing out here and that was to take the drive out to “Haha” a little town on the other side of the island and the only town, it’s got breathtaking views. I’m ready to get home and get my life back in order this didn’t help as much as I thought it would have but then again that’s always how it goes, right? 


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