Let’s go back to 2009 when I was a freshmen in high school… I can still remember what I wore, who walked me to my first period and meeting at the local Taco Bell after school let out. I remember thinking that I was going to do good and I was going to join some sort of sports team and how I wanted to be varsity 10th grade year and have a real cool letterman jacket. Little did I know I’d do the complete opposite. Here is a story about where I started and where I am today. Freshmen year I had one best friend who I’d do everything with until boys came into the picture. I dated a senior who was my so called first love, till this day we still check in with eachother but it’s completely a friendship. He broke my heart and I learned to move on, I made new friends and joined the swim team. The year after I joined a special media academy that my highschool had for the creative mind, only 30 kids were allowed and of cloud I had I had to be with my best friend. Her and I had all 6 classes together and all we would do was goof around and either chat on Facebook or look up make up tips on YouTube. Anyways, I failed a bunch of classes in a row leading up to the end of my junior year after having a summer of sleepover, ouija board nights, blunts, and SF trips. I was down 80 credits and was sent to a continuation school, I had been told I wouldn’t graduated but I did actually earlier then anyone else in April. I thought I had the perfect plan after high school; going to a trade school for a medical position. Turned out he school had a lawsuit against them after me being there for a year, my credits were no longer counted for. I had gotten a part time job as a personal trainer working the split shift that I hated, I ended up getting let go for some very odd reason and I forgot to metio. I woke at McDonald’s and a health care center before that. Training was something I lived myself, I made a whole lot of friends and relationships with others who wanted their lifestyle to change. I’ve just decided that’s not what I want to do for my career, I want to give back in another way, I want to feel powerful, I want to feel at peace with my mind in what I’m working towards and I want to be stable. I guess the whole point of what I’m trying to get at here is we can’t always want something to turn out a certain way, we just have to go with whatever happens and stay positive.


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