Highschool Lovers

Now I know that bringing back old flames is never a good idea… But this guy had been there for me through everything, no matter how crappy I’ve treated him and all of the upsetting things I’ve done to him… He’s still here. And I will say that means a lot to me and I am honestly blessed to have someone so sweet and understanding in my life. When I thought I didn’t have anybody I turned to this person, when I felt like dying I turned to this person, when I would cry myself to sleep I had a shoulder to cry on. I should be very happy with the way things are going right now, but I’m scared I’ll treat him just as bad as I did before and he’ll still be there. Yes, my highschool sweetheart not my most recent relationship. My highschool crush knows everything. I’ve shared many tears over what over done but I’ve accepted it I just feel like he holds back so much. He says he wants to fix things with be but I don’t think I am in any condition  to work on any sort of relationship. I haven’t taken anytime for myself expect the gym. Yeah I still have feelings there. My heart is torn in half. God kept all the right people around for me to help me see the light.


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