Show Time 


Be open to planning your day around what time or times you need to be in the gym. Workouts could be from a hour to two and a half hours, cardio, weight training a little bit of abs. You’re waking up earlier then normal just to do cardio on a empty stomach and also so you can start your meals with two to three hours apart until the next. You’ll think you have no energy after that cardio but you know you have to go back, you’re taking fall the caffeine in the world to keep you up during weight training along with extra supplements to keep you focused. If you don’t work hard you won’t see the results. If you don’t Believe in yourself at that moment in the gym you’ll go crazy.

  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COSTCO MEMBERSHIP OR A SAMS CLUB. Because running to the supermarket right down the street from Your house isn’t going to save you any money. You need all wholesale bulk items like chicken, yams, broccoli.
  2. Pick two or three days out of the week to prep because that Sunday thing just doesn’t work when you’re eating six times a day.
  3. Bbq chicken is probably the best tasting option 
  4. Stalk up on mustard 

Let’s be real it’s hard to keep it calm when the diet and work outs are extrem. Positive blog posts and books keep the mind from drifting. Listen to podcasts about working out and how important it is to trust the process. Have a supportive team, family,friends, coach. Enjoy the process because once you step off that stage you won’t want to go back to the life you had before.

-just some things that are important to me 


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