7/2/16-San Jose Championships-Musclesport Production

About a week past my second fitness show.. I’m feeling accomplished, I had placed 2nd out of my class on eight. That peak week diet, that process of shaving all the hair off my body, that first and second coat of tan, the dehydration process, the hair and make up and the support from a few family members makes it worth it. I trained twice a day everyday for four months putting my heart and soul into the process. With my blood, sweat and tears I made it. I feel happy that I came out from a difficult spot in my life while achieving my fitness goals because that was the only thing I had control over and it’ll continue to be the only thing I have control over in my life so far. Weightlifting and training came naturally to me, I wanted and still want to be the best I can be in this tough industry. I gave up a lot of things for this and I’ve probably pushed a lot of people away in the process because it’s a hard lifestyle to understand, it’s apart me now and it lights a fire under my feet. This is only the start, each day I’m becoming stronger in this sport mind and body wise. It isn’t easy to get into but once you’re past that hump and you got the hang of it, diet, training, mindset it’s all results from there. Once the results show you’re hooked, I cannot explain in words exactly how it all makes me feel but I’ll give you a few words… Accomplished, powerful, healthy. This is something else, something that takes dedication to the 110%. How bad do you want it? How bad are you willing to change the way you do things? Are you giving it your all? Don’t be afraid to fail. Break the rules, get to where you want to be exactly, go past what you though what was perfect. It’s a journey that’s different for everyone. Most important thing I’ve came across is to never give up no matter what your thinking that day or in that moment, continuing is what makes the soul strong. I’m just trying and going to be someone someday.


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